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Part 5 – Administrative Information

Yes, there is paperwork, but not much and we make it as easy as we can. If we aren’t accountable to our funders, we won’t be funded, so each form is very important to our functioning as a program.

The Time Card is a monthly form to turn in and you should have been given this electronically. That really is the best way to submit these as well

The mileage and expense reimbursement is ONLY if you transport participants or other allowable mileage — please read the policy so you are aware if you qualify for this.

You can turn this is as needed, if you accumulate mileage or other expenses

  • Weekly — Attendance Report
    Weekly attendance sheets are filled out regarding the Circle you are in. A designated volunteer will fill these out and send in to Anne every week. Let the group leader now if you are willing to do this task.


(round up to a whole number, please)




Activities include: Group meetings, IS, phone calls with other volunteers or with Anne Strauch, intake, training, presentations, prep for meetings or presentations, errands for/with participants, research for participants, paperwork, running errands for group (bus passes, etc.) letter writing, talking with families, any kind of communications relating to Circles, etc. Please count anything relating to Circles that you do. Feel free to share under misc. what it is that you did during that time, but don’t burden yourself if you find it to be too much reporting!


Reporting Hours: This does not have to be exact, but please don’t underestimate the time you give. The intent is to capture the amount of volunteer hours that can be attributed to the success of CCOS.  This information as a whole is then shared with the community, grant issuers, the DOS, and other venues which showcase our Circles program.


Please email time cards by the 7th of the following month to:

[email protected]



Mileage Reimbursement, personal vehicle use

Volunteers can be compensated for use of their personal vehicle through the payment of mileage reimbursement. This reimbursement is to offset the cost of gas, oil changes, insurance coverage and deductions, and other wear and tear due to business travel. Allowable mileage expenses will be reimbursed by completing an Expense Form to include detailed travel information (see example). Mileage may be reimbursed at or below the rate allowed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The rate will be set and periodically adjusted.

Allowable mileage: Taking a participant to an appointment or to group, going to an approved training or a meeting, running errands for group, going to an approved presentation. There may be other approved reimbursements, upon request of the volunteer. Out-of-town travel must be approved by COS director and agent.

In order to transport any participants, we must have a copy of the volunteer’s driver license and certificate of insurance on file. This should be updated annually and any changes in insurance or license status must be reported to the Circles of Support director prior to driving a participant.

To be eligible to drive for Circles of Support, all drivers must:

  • Must be a minimum age of 22.
  • Have and maintain a valid driver’s license.
  • Use seatbelts while driving.
  • Follow posted speed-limit signs while also responding to current road conditions and put safety first.
  • Turn headlights on during operation.
  • Not operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or non-approved prescription medication.
  • Know that Circles of Support strongly discourages the use of cell phones while driving.
  • Not operate a vehicle when his/her ability to do so safely has been impaired by illness, fatigue, injury or other factors.
  • Maintain vehicle in reasonably good repair and all safety features (i.e. mirrors, lights, glass, brakes, seatbelts, etc.) are present and functional.
  • Must not smoke in the volunteer’s personal vehicle or rental vehicle when program participants are being transported.
  • The volunteer’s personal auto insurance policy is the primary insurance coverage. In the event of an accident, the volunteer’s insurance would respond to bodily injury, property claims made by third parties and physical damage to the volunteer’s personal vehicle. Volunteers are responsible for any deductibles indicated by the insurance provider.
  • Comply with all other state and local laws and regulations and practice safe and defensive driving techniques at all times.

TRAVEL EXPENSE REPORT FORM: To be reimbursed for mileage, volunteers must complete the travel expense report form and submit it to the Regional Leader. This form can be completed electronically. A valid DL and insurance certificate must be on file. See example.