Serving the Fox Valley, Green Bay, Oshkosh and surrounding communities.
A Program of Goodwill NCW

Benefits of Circles of Support

  • Close to 90% of active participants remain in the community rather than being returned to prison. This results in taxpayer saving as well as fewer victims!
  • 83% obtain employment within 60 days of release.
  • More than 90% obtain housing within six months.

Participants indicated what they appreciate about Circles:

  • “I’m grateful that there has been an outlet for them where I can just go and talk”
  • “…the positive atmosphere and guidance in knowing when I ask for support I will get it, especially when I’m not sure where to turn.”
  • “… someone to talk with, support from re-offending as well as helping me with making positive decisions”
  • “A new positive network of people”
  • 91% of participants who participated in the study said Circles has helped them not re-offend.